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Kenny Codes, your Nigeria graphic design agency, is dedicated to helping you with any and all of your design needs. One of our major specialties is graphic design. Graphic design is the art and practice of projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Graphic design can be physical or digital, including various forms of media such as images, text, or graphic forms. At Kenny Codes, we are driven to provide you with exceptional client care, a stress-free process, and rewarding results. Whether you are looking to create new material or give your current content a fresh look and feel, Kenny Codes, your Nigeria graphic design experts, can help. From logo design to promotional materials to delivering the finished product to your doorstep, our talented team of designers is here with you every step of the creative process.

Importance of Graphics Design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication utilizing a combination of words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of messages. Two important aspects of graphic design are corporate identities and branding. While branding is more related to the identifying mark or experience for a product or service, corporate identity relates to a company’s ethos, structure, and appearance. Given the importance of branding and corporate identity, Kenny Codes is motivated to get to know you and your business in order to provide you with the utmost quality care. Before beginning any project, we make sure to consult with you, get to know your brand, and do our own industry research to ensure that the finished products are the best that they can be. We are motivated to create a product that exceeds your expectations in every possible way.

We believe in a collaborative effort between our designers and our clients with no stress for you. Our expert team of designers will take your input and ideas into account every step of the creative process, fine-tuning your product until you are more than pleased with it. Our goal at Kenny Codes is to create effective, unique, and fresh products that help establish your brand identity and grow the success of your business.


When it comes to utilizing graphic design for marketing your business or company, an effective, fresh logo design is one of the most crucial aspects for representing your brand. The brand of a company is essentially the experience of what your company stands for and represents. Your logo is the primary visual representation of your brand and voice. Given this, it is essential that your logo has a creative, quality design to it. Creating a smart, effective logo design is an integral component to marketing your brand, product, company, or service. At Kenny Codes, we believe in collaborating with you to create the perfect visual representation of your brand. Whether you have a logo design in mind, or are unsure of how you would like to brand your business, our experienced designers at Kenny Codes will help you create the perfect logo for your specific, individualized needs.

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Branding and corporate identity are two essential components to establishing your business as a forefront in your industry. Brand identities are opinions that form in the minds of your clients. Every interaction that a client has with your business communicates a specific message and develops a standpoint regarding your brand name. A brand is essentially the experience a client has of your business. Your corporate identity can be shaped by various factors, including brochure design, appreciation towards the ease of your website interface, and the appearance of your business cards. Although you are unable to define these perceptions because they are based on your clients’ personal experiences with your brand, you can absolutely influence them. An effective, quality corporate identity design package is an essential step towards establishing a strong brand identity.

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Promotional materials are essential to a dynamic and effective branding strategy. You want your brand to stick out amongst the rest, and to have people see your logo and know exactly who you are and what you stand for. Whether it’s banners, signs, labels, package design, or advertisements (print and digital), designs that stand out will ensure that your brand is not only noticed, but also stays in people’s heads, advertising without effort.
Marketing and promotional materials are integral aspects of generating business and standing out amongst competitors. By combining your concept (idea) and form (the process and result), we create creative content (the meaning or experience) that truly represents your brand’s unique voice. Whether you are starting a new company, launching a fresh product, re-branding your business, or hosting an important event, creative and effective promotional materials are essential.

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Here at Kenny Codes, we believe in making this process as easy and stress-free as possible. We take care of each step of the process, from inception to the printing of the final project. No matter what type of product or printing services you need, we will deliver your finely crafted finished product right to your doorstep. We pride ourselves on taking care of each step of the creative journey and all of our team members of locally based in Nigeria.

The variety of printing methods we offer is extensive ranging from foil stamping, die cutting, UV spot coating, silk laminating, many different paper types, and the list goes on.

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Infographics are rapidly becoming more and popular in both print and digital media. Infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge, and are an effective tool in business, teaching, and presenting any type of information for your clients.

The trend of using the Internet to convey massive amounts of information has made it challenging to effectively communicate with your followers. It has become increasingly difficult to stand out amongst your competition given the large amounts of information being presented each and every day. More so, making your content both eye-catching and easy to digest is a challenging task. At Kenny Codes, we specialize in designing impressive, valuable infographics that can help your business establish and grow.


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Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Finding Kenny Codes was, and continues to be, a major advantage for my business. From logo design for both print and digital media, to business card and flyer design, as well as web design services, you get the whole package. The truly impressive part about Kenny Codes’ work is the journey from inception to the finished product. I have very little creative design ability, yet I feel like I am a continuous part of the evolution process of my media. We work together to make sure that the team’s expertise molds my goals and expectations into a reality that makes sense and equals success. The success of my business lies in finding someone like our contact, Kenny, who can maintain a professional relationship over time to ensure that my media continues to move forward just ahead of the pace of my business growth.
Tommy Tall Boy
I have been working with Kenny Codes for over five years and could not be happier. I’ve always been impressed with the team’s ability to read my mind and produce creatives that exhibit my vision through clean, modern designs that aid in developing brands. Kenny Codes’ professionalism and work ethic make their team the frontrunner in a list of agencies I would recommend to anyone looking to hire a graphic designer and web developer. It’s great working with designers who are so capable and responsive. Kenny Codes’ creativity and collaborative nature make the process of designing and developing truly enjoyable to watch and participate in. Our contact, Kenny’s, unique perspective on design and his talent in creating both print and digital media makes him the ideal multimedia designer.
Plain Jane