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Are you looking for high-quality, striking, professional photographs for your print and digital media? Kenny Codes has you covered. Our expert Nigeria photography specialists at Kenny Codes are prepared to help you with any and all of your photography needs. Are you looking to add professional corporate portraits to your website, or perhaps you want to showcase your products in an appealing and accurate manner? Our team of photographers promise a stress-free process and rewarding results you can be proud of.

Why is photography important for your business?

High-quality, professional photography is essential for effective print and digital media. The human brain processes images much quicker than words. While quality content is still essential for your website, images are also an incredibly integral aspect of a successful and effective website. Professional photographs not only help establish and grow your brand identity, but they also capture the authenticity of your business. People don’t want to merely browse a website or a brochure, they want to experience it. Photography helps your current and potential clients to experience your business in a fresh, exciting manner.


Kenny Codes is here to take care of any or all of your photography needs. We specialize in various types of photography including corporate photography and portraits. Photographing employees for corporate websites and other print media is different than other forms of photography. Whether you are looking for corporate portraits for your website, photos of your facility for your brochures, or any other type of corporate photography, Kenny Codes is here to help. Corporate photography is incredibly important for a business’ branding and identity. Our photographers at Kenny Codes understand how important corporate photos are for a company and we promise you will not be disappointed with our work.

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Product photography is a branch of photography dedicated to accurately and attractively representing a product. Product photography can include photos for brochures, advertisements, catalogues, and websites. At Kenny Codes, we take care of all of your photography needs, including product photography. In terms of product photography, our goal at Kenny Codes is to depict the product without distortion, represent the product in the best possible lighting, and when photographing multiple products, ensure that the lighting and shadows are the same.

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Kenny Codes is your Nigeria aerial photography specialists. Aerial photography is the art of taking photographs of the ground from an elevated position. Aerial photography platforms can include aircrafts, helicopters, drones, blimps, vehicle-mounted poles, etc. Aerial photography is not only really exciting, but is also very useful in construction, contracting, land development, cartography, home remodeling, archaeology, and movie production. Kenny Codes is dedicated to taking care of your aerial photography needs.

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Are you looking to enhance your website or print media with high-quality, beautiful, vibrant photography? Or perhaps you would like a canvas or artistic print to decorate your home or office? Kenny Codes is here to help you with any and all of your photography needs. Whether you are looking for landscapes, nature, or a print from your last vacation, Kenny Codes, your Nigeria photography experts, have you covered. We will freeze any view in time for you — the possibilities are endless!

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Incorporating videography into your marketing strategy can be highly effective for establishing your brand’s identity and connect with your customers in a personal manner. It is important that the videos you post on your site are well-designed and expertly executed. Quality video marketing does not have to break your business’ budget either. At Kenny Codes, your Nigeria videography specialists, we believe in providing quality work at an affordable price.

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Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Finding Kenny Codes was, and continues to be, a major advantage for my business. From logo design for both print and digital media, to business card and flyer design, as well as web design services, you get the whole package. The truly impressive part about Kenny Codes’ work is the journey from inception to the finished product. I have very little creative design ability, yet I feel like I am a continuous part of the evolution process of my media. We work together to make sure that the team’s expertise molds my goals and expectations into a reality that makes sense and equals success. The success of my business lies in finding someone like our contact, Kenny, who can maintain a professional relationship over time to ensure that my media continues to move forward just ahead of the pace of my business growth.
Tommy Tall Boy
I have been working with Kenny Codes for over five years and could not be happier. I’ve always been impressed with the team’s ability to read my mind and produce creatives that exhibit my vision through clean, modern designs that aid in developing brands. Kenny Codes’ professionalism and work ethic make their team the frontrunner in a list of agencies I would recommend to anyone looking to hire a graphic designer and web developer. It’s great working with designers who are so capable and responsive. Kenny Codes’ creativity and collaborative nature make the process of designing and developing truly enjoyable to watch and participate in. Our contact, Kenny’s, unique perspective on design and his talent in creating both print and digital media makes him the ideal multimedia designer.
Plain Jane